Saturday, November 07, 2009

Hot ,cold, hot, cold ,HOT!!!!

Hot today. Lovely. Not that we are yet in watering mode or mood and that's not good. We have changed between warm, hot and cold and it is doing us in. It is also having a weird effect on glued things! Stuff is just falling to bits because the glue has lost its grip. Has made for some funny when my antique cupboard door just fell apart when someone tried to open it. It could mean serious damage will occur if important things are just held by glue. I would hope not, but you never know. We have had a good day in Adelaide today. People got out and about and there were things to do and see, but others were just happy to get into their shorts and T shirts and enjoy the warmth and walk .No signs of BBQs yet. We need siestas in Adelaide. We are a hot country but we have always worked and been expected to work as though it were cooler. Late afternoon slowed us all down. It's great to be back into the warm weather, though. Lovely!

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