Sunday, November 22, 2009

Garden Groans

I am not totally certain we are angry but we are certainly dismayed and put off. We slaved through the cooler weather to repair our gardens from the heat and drought. The impact had been devastating and we had been traumatised. But we worked long hours to repair the damage and tried to put in changes to help. What a joke. Two weeks of heat and then a 43 degree burning day with a dry wind and the gardens were trashed. So on my street, no one has been out to do anything and we are very responsible and reliable with our gardens. Bugger it! I have great tall weeds and that’s the thing...I have never had so many weeds. We have just left them. The lawns are patchy and need mowing but they’ll dry and we have curtailed our lawns to help with water supplies but even what we have is unmanageable. Build up the bricks and concrete and you built up the heat and dry. Our plants are dried out, our trees and shrubs have dropped leaves in the millions. So it is just a mess and we have thought... why? We did all that work to no avail, so unless someone can give us hope...Adelaide gardens will be left and you know...Adelaide gardens are the thing which help us all deal with stress and bring us a bit of pleasure. We love our gardens...some have gone the way of brick and concrete, but busy Bunnings and nurseries tell you just how much we love out gardens. It sucks, big time. I am still sitting here instead of mowing and sweeping. What’s the point? One more lot of heat and it is crisped.

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