Sunday, November 08, 2009

Fresh Food

DeSandies, ManYee. mangoes.jpg. . Pics4Learning. 7 Nov 2009
We basically banana-ed and pasta-ed our way through winter. Bananas just walk out of the shops. Some sushi-ed. Why, I don't know. Too cold fpr winter but hugely popular here. Now we are truly into salad season and are spoiled for choice. We have become very good at preparing really good salads and adventure into lentil salads, past the four bean mix into roasted pumpkin and have got good at the carrot and ginger, baby beetroot and baby cucumber. I am hooked on mango and radish salad at the moment but my Indian friends are a bit in a panic I should eat so many mangoes. They seem to think they will overheat my body but I find they are just so cooling on a hot day. I doubt they are being silly. There must be something in it so I have had to swap a bit to other salads. Feta cheese and marinated feta cheese! With rocket, almond slivers, parsley and tomato! Great way to get ready for Christmas.

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