Saturday, November 28, 2009

Fresh Air

He says people appear to work better if they can get fresh air.

Architects are having a conference about improving the quality of office air to help workers work...opening the window is a suggestion. Our new buildings at work do not have windows you can open!   We also have offices without a view to the outside and that is soooo depressing. I shall be glad to move soon to an office with a window to the outside...but it doesn't open and the air conditioning is appalling. It does not circulate anything. probably not connected. No one should be put into a work area without a view to the outside and without a window they can open. No wonder people get sick or go bonkers. It is largely overlooked that it is important for people to have control over their environment. That in itself lifts spirits and then people like to see what the world looks like. It does animals no good to be cooped up...why should it be good for us and what were they thinking?

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