Sunday, November 01, 2009

Farm Town

One of the best stress busters I have found this year has been farming! I have a Farm Town farm on Facebook (left) and a Farm Ville farm. Both serve their purpose of distracting me and getting me out of worrying and thinking too much. Over analysing. I set to work on my farms and there you go. So it's a matter of finding the right computer game. I always said I hated computer games. I just hadn't looked for the right ones and now I have a few I play. I like the simulation games and the adventure ones with puzzles and they have really helped me to keep on track and not blow out unnecessarily. They have also taught me you have to do a lot of routine things and then suddenly it takes you up a level and then you can be more creative. It is the routine and reliability which keeps it all in place so you can create. There are some awesome farms out there and some farms which aren't really farms. They are incredibly artistic manipulation of the resources offered on the games. I liked these games so much I bought my own simulation games for the time when these farms will come to an end. It has been an amazing journey and these games have taught me not only to calm myself but to see how just doing all the little thing can produce something really fun and lovely. Both of the games offered Hallowe'en decorations and that was amusing for everyone. Maybe they will come up with Christmas things for our farms. Who knows?!

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