Friday, November 06, 2009


E-Waste - we are drowning in it. They were banging on about it again earlier in the week but for years now absolutely no progress has been made. We are chockers with old equipment because the new stuff comes out thick and fast and we all want to be faster and slicker. We have a technology pick up here which is sensational but he e-waste remains a hideous problem which needs to be fixed two years ago. We cannot pay for each item to be removed. That is ludicrous. Disposing of e-waste ought to be as straight forward as any other recycling and disposal . We should not pay because we have this stuff foisted upon us at a rapid rate as part of our work and family lifestyle now. We are in the technological age...but all the talk and rattling on about it is not shifting the old stuff out of our homes. Get on with it. Give us as e-waste day and just fix the problem. Sick of the talk because all this computer crap is piling up . Similar problem with ink for printers. It is sometimes cheaper to buy a new printer than buy new cartridges. This is mad. Quite mad. Fix it.

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