Saturday, November 28, 2009

Dual Booting

The more I think about it and experience it, the more I think dual booting is the go. It is just something which has happened this year and I have come to appreciate it. I  have also come to appreciate the different experiences different operating systems offer and then how different hardware can add to your life. My daughter is often on her iPod on the Net. When she can't be bothered getting out her laptop or she is travelling, then the iPod touch does everything she needs to do and she is a big computer user. I fancy what is now called a web PC. I am trying to find an excuse to buy one of those dinkie things. I think I'd use them for travelling, but I am wondering if I would really need one or could use one. You don't know until you have these things. I am not a pocket surfer. Hate it. With the dual booting I have choices and that is what it is about. My work MacBook dual boots Windows and MacIntosh with the default as MacIntosh. The Mac side runs to easily and efficiently in French, it's very visual, has some good gadgets which I use all the time but the down side is the Office suite which ought to be compatible with Windows office but I get data loss and annoying things. I always back up. Good habit! The photo and image stuff is also easy on the Mac side. Windows, though, offers a wealth of experiences which I like and gives me a chance to operate more broadly. The Mac doesn't always manage the media files and video files on web sites and it just doesn't have the range of programmes which run with it but it is much improved.  My other laptop now runs Ubuntu and Vista. What a piece of cake that was. Ubuntu is wonderfully uncomplicated and the screen is clean and lovely and the downloads and updates are a breeze and then it is well and truly MY laptop when I use Ubuntu without all the security interference of Windows. Ubuntu also has some neat little open source programmes which I use and like. So there is an operating system for every personality and every mood. The world needs to take note of that because cross platform capabilities increase your capacity to be engaged with technology and those who don't like one thing suddenly find themselves in an environment they can appreciate. No one likes change but others adapt rather quickly. They just absorb and absorb new ways of doing things and new experiences. Those people push the developers by showing them ideas of how thinks can be used. Windows is very popular because we all know it, but there are a lot of Mac and Linux users out there and the dual boot encourages me to be more adaptable and , more importantly, more adventurous. I have a system I am very used to and then I have a system to explore. It means I am willing to look around more to see what's available and what is possible. That means growth. That's good!!!

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