Friday, November 06, 2009

Drug Bust

"(That) is significant in anybody's terms," he said. "These people are making a lot of money and they're using that money to further their criminal activities in many ways."

It seems to come in waves. The police and community get on top of it and then out it all comes again and the signs are sick kids, wasted adults, arguments, shouting, violence and abuse. It has been getting more unstable and I always wonder about the houses whose roller shutters never open. You see them and wonder how people can live like that or if there are people in the house.  It is organised and it escapes no suburb because of that. Maximum profit. I feel sorry for the parents whose kids get lost to this kind of stuff and they must have their backs against the walls. We have to make it easier for people to get it out into the open...but they fear retribution, I guess. Hard line bullying. It is doing us all harm. We have to keep a steady head to combat this kind of stuff. For all the ones the police find, there are those they don't and it is so much like cancer. There is nothing good about drugs and never has been.

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