Friday, October 30, 2009

Tough Year

The last two years have been pretty tough on the personal front. Tough, tough , I was taken away again to fight the good fight for various reasons and things and right now I am sitting here with a broken foot. What I have learned is all the health, nutrition and well being stuff I have learned about in the last couple of years has come into its own. I am managing one crisis after another because I have kept myself well and have learned how to improve my nutrition and fitness in all sorts of different ways. There are people who are worse off than me but I haven't stopped being pushed to the limit and I just have to keep up the mess management until the sands of time change and put me into a different pattern. So I have leaned not to fall victim to all of the things put in my path to deal with but it has taken all my time, energy and resources to manage it all. I now now that it was a remarkable investment in myself to sort out my health and fitness because now it has been the wonderful love of sourcing good food, finding new and healthy recipes, working on my energy and stress levels which have kept me in a frame of mind to endure!!In my absence I can see Blogger has reformatted the dashboard and I really liked seeing it. So clean! 2009 has been tough but people are getting stronger out of these challenges and I must say we had all got to spoiled and soft and rather unreal. There are genuine friendships and relationships forged through the demands of a relentless world.

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