Saturday, October 31, 2009


My sister is one happy lady today. A few weeks back she lost her cat of 15 years. This less than 2 years after losing her husband and in the middle of downsizing from a 3 bedroom place to a one bedroom unit. It was so sad, but the cat was  just old and they had looked after her really well . The timing seemed terrible but I guess the cat wasn't meant to go to the new place. The new unit is beautiful. Quiet location handy to everything and a lovely little garden back and front, but my sister was lost. She had been saving for a new Siamese cat. In the meantime a friend thought she might like to volunteer at the RSPCA. Friday they went up there and later Friday I got a call from such a happy lady!! She had bought a cat and it was love at first sight! She loves her beautiful cat and was so appreciative of the kindness and help she got from the RSPCA. She had meant to look!! She was going to get a Siamese cat at 450 dollars. Now she has a lovely 3 year old cat for 60 dollars - fully vaccinated, chipped and desexed and I cannot believe the joy it has brought to my sister. She has something to fuss over and care for . She had to coax it to be friends...her life has turned a happy corner and the RSPCA sent her home with a show bag of goodies and information. Sometimes a little means such a lot.

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