Sunday, August 02, 2009

Ubuntu - a week down the track

Ubuntu got a real work out this morning. It hated Farm Town and Farm Ville on Facebook...but that might be an old NEC Versa doesn't really like Flash....but this Dell doesn't like it much either and the MacBook cracked up completely on Farm Town and Farm Ville especially. Maybe it's the scripting. The Apple runs most sites really quietly. Anyway, Ubuntu had to load docs, powerpoints of 2007 and 2003 office and it was fine. It had to go to Yahoo , Yahoo mail and Facebook. It had to go to news sites. The only thing it couldn't do was play a mswmm file so I came on my Dell and found out Vista won't play the Windows media file either. It loads the first screen and the rest are marked out. Maybe the person who made the file hasn't compiled it properly. So I was happy with Ubuntu and I had a look at KATE. Very neat and tidy, I must say. I'll get back to it. Have a nice Sunday.

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