Sunday, August 09, 2009

Giving the police a hand

We have changed. We are getting fed up with the violence, the mischief and mayhem. We are tired of being randomly unsafe. It doesn't matter where you are at the friend had the guy behind her get out of a car with a hockey stick and though she was gone...but he selected a car further up the line and bashed that. The line of cars and aggression prevented people form getting number plates it would appear...but the thought was to tell the police. Likewise with someone who was very drunk and was going to drive his lady home. The mobiles were out and the other friends were ready to let the police know just how drunk and dangerous this guy was. Same with neighbours. We have all turned into nosey parkers if we suspect anything and we all are ready to ring the police. We no longer know what we are dealing with. We have fears for our safety and the safety of others and we are now ready to let the police know. I guess the police already check Twitter and Facebook because people often react immediately now and get the emotional support they need. We are not happy and things need to change. The few without boundaries are holding the rest of us to ransom.

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