Sunday, August 09, 2009

Free Seniors Tickets

The free seniors public transport tickets are coming at a price. The fares for others have risen at the same time so their is an assumption that it is to cover the cost of the free seniors tickets. When that is said in public on a bus, it just creates unpleasantness. There are no longer fine living skills nor a general notion of charitableness and the free seniors tickets have highlighted what mean spirited people we are. There are stories of seniors being heckled and harassed because they have free travel now at certain times. They are being picked on in public on buses and even being blamed for the piles of BLUE tickets left at bus stops and elsewhere. The senior tickets are not blue. The litter is not theirs. If this continues I can well imagine seniors will remain at home and isolated. An unpleasant and nasty side effect of what was a nice piece of legislation. We have changed.

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