Sunday, August 09, 2009

Financial Crisis

"Improved market conditions and increasing confidence are prompting several retailers to consider listing on the stock exchange."
We were talking about this at he supermarket. It was a hilarious shop this week late Friday because everyone was just joyful and we were all spending money. The good thing is our supermarket offers some really good specials each week so that even those on a tight budget can get hold of decent, nutritious food at a good price. It has helped with the optimism and that is an important factor when we face tough times. It also means we stop as we shop and swap ideas and tips about how to get dogs fed and make the food to go further..the best buys. Our super market has taken an aggressively positive approach. A similar store of the same chain has gone into cut backs and under staffing...a totally different approach to the situation. So that store, which is bigger than ours and ought to be laughing, is running into trouble because it is approaching things negatively and the difference is amazing. The manager of our store is out and about talking to his staff. He chats, makes them laugh and then offers them a tip or two to keep things ticking over. Positive psychology works and happy work conditions get you through tough times...and then yes, maybe you get on the stock exchange and make yourself some money from shares!

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