Sunday, July 26, 2009

Ubuntu 9.04

I did it! I wiped my hard drive on this old laptop and installed Ubuntu 9.04 from ISO disc I made last weekend from my PC User disc. It didn't work on the partition .It couldn't load the updates and I couldn't change the partitions. Haha! Doesn't matter. Now I have one totally Linux laptop to try. Problems? At the end the installation there was a black screen. Nothing else. I pressed enter. It went I/O error but I took the boot disc out and it rebooted. Some flaky graphics on boot up and there still are but it's better. I loaded Punaauia desk top picture from linternaute. com because it matches the lovely chocolate colour of Ubuntu. I went to get updates and it said they were installed!! Rubbish! So I pressed the check button and I got lots of updates and am looking forward to getting to know Ubuntu 9.04 better. It has such a clean and fuss free desktop. It is just nice.

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