Sunday, July 26, 2009

Ubuntu 9.04 - 3 hours later

Here I am online with Ubuntu 9.04. It takes no time to load. I have been getting fed up with my computers taking their time to get online. This NEC Versa laptop is still reacting to flash sites but I down loaded the new Flash for Ubuntu. Easy and it worked. it is just flash makes this processor run really hard for some reason. It is running on 512 mgs RAM  and doing very nicely. I have done a system test software which was loaded and that was reassuring. I like to do system tests. Getting Evolution Mail up and running took me 2 minutes and the thing I really, really like about Ubuntu is there is a shut down button top right of my screen...and my computer just shuts down when I ask it to! Now I can use this without XP onboard I feel like I can give it some proper consideration. So far I can do what I usually do, and why not?

PS Funny how the spelling got messed up on this post after I had checked and posted it. I have corrected it all again. Guess someone doesn't want to hear Ubuntu is good. Haven't had that spelling problem in ages. Good way to make someone look stupid, heh?

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