Friday, February 13, 2009

Zoos Victoria

The home page of Zoos Victoria has a link so that you can donate to help save the unique indigenous wild life which has been harmed and hurt by the Victorian Bushfires. Amongst all the other stories of selflessness, we have a group of people in Victoria who are helping these animals so that they can get better and live. Sadly, some have had to be put down because of the extent of burns or smoke inhalation. Others will need to be cared for for months. The real courage in this story is they are mostly being cared for by people who have already lost everything including friends and family in the fires. It is a fact of their life and yet, they are reaching out to preserve our unique wild life. It has been incredibly encouraging to learn that there have been such a lot of donations from overseas people. People from other countries have been really concerned about the plight of our wild life and have been very generous.  Our domestic animals and live stock have been picked up by interstate initiatives and so we have this big picture that amidst the trauma , everybody is finding a thing they care about...and people do want to help. We should never lose sight of this fact, because the critics and looters are out and they are basically a diversion...but also a test of our resolve to carry on the good work inspite of them.

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