Sunday, February 15, 2009

Loana Petrucciani

Okay, so today's unknown woman in Australia is Loana Petrucciani. Who is she? She is  France's first winner of what was their first Big Brother series, which was called Loft Story because it all took place in a loft. M6 used to put videos of it on the Net because the site M6 is a lot like our channel 10. So I used to keep an eye on it because at that time it was new and different. After she won she used to have a little video diary which was played on the Net. She was basically airy, harmless and light weight, but she was popular. Young , tall, leggy blonde, why not? So it's been a while since that all happened and earlier this month there was a story on a French news site that she had been found unconscious in her flat. At that point I became concerned. I don't know why. I don't even know her, but she was someone I had come to know through the internet and it seemed very odd and sad. The stories since then have been somewhat muddled. Some blogs say she was attacked by a boy friend. Some say she was drugged and it is not clear whether it was  medication or what it was. The French police were investigating . She has a nice little fan site Loana Forever and has had 2 songs and written a book. The latest information I can find is that there was no attack and she slipped, but she is being treated for her state of mind. People who are launched into fame can be so fragile et pour cette raison je lui souhaite bon courage et je veux juste savoir qu'elle va bien et que quelqu'un prend soin d'elle.

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