Sunday, February 15, 2009

Flowerdale, Victoria

Flowerdale really isn't on Google maps if you want to use GPS. The lady on the ABC's Friday night programme needs to be heard. We can be so ignorant and now is our chance to put a few things right. This is no tin pot country town, village or hamlet. It has some important resources like a big, critical alpaca what happened to that ? It has an award winning conference retreat and it's an historic area on the Yea Road. My thoughts today are with the people of Flowerdale because, from what I can tell from what has been reported, these people have been left to manage the fires in what they now call Death Valley. They seem to be isolated and the properties sprawl so it is not so easy to get help and comfort. Our resources are totally stretched to the limit with this....but the community still has its community infrastructure but only 10% of its housing. So I am thinking of the people of Flowerdale and hope comfort and more help will soon be at hand.

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