Monday, February 16, 2009

Après Vous

I got this DVD as a Christmas present so you can get it in Australia. When I first started watching it I was a bit concerned because it was dealing with someone who was suicidal. As it turns out the film is so typically French and the subject matter is managed very well so that you don't feel the burden of it but look at some of the issues and, in the end, it makes you feel like you can cope. But it's not really about suicide, as such. It is more about relationships and their complexity as many French films are. I found it really funny and beautifully managed. José Garcia you will probably know if you have seen Amélie and Daniel Auteuil is someone you ought to get to know because he is a very good actor and particularly clever in comedies. Sandrine Kiberlain is another tall, leggie blond you will probably appreciate. She's good in the part and a great clothes horse. She has been in a lot of films and is well accomplished. We really ought to see more of her. You feel much better after you have seen Après Vous. One of those feel good movies.

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