Friday, February 13, 2009

Adelaide Zoo

I went to Adelaide Zoo last month because I wanted to see the changes and the new feel. Some of it was closed because there were still major alterations going along. In all it was a very inspiring day and I have made a slide show of my photos so give me a lift when I need it. I found the entry price to be steep and it would mean families might find it out of its reach but most of our children would have zoo visits through their school, or , as on this day, through their holiday care programmes. That was interesting. There were a lot of children there and most of them were lovely and were enjoying the day. There was a group, however, where the children were clueless as to how to engage with animals and they were loud, aggressive and doing a lot of banging and bashing because that's how they thought you interacted with animals. Their care workers had their work cut out trying to get them to see you need to approach animals differently. Something we all need to work on because I guess some children never see animals these days. The zoo was brilliant and had some lovely shady spots which were well landscaped for a warm day. The animals were the healthiest I have ever seen them and it was just so nice to spend a day with them. There were enclosures where you could have close encounters and everyone was respectful of the signs which the zoo staff put up to manage these areas. It was just great to see how far we have come in caring for wild life. On the way back to the station I had a glorious walk along the Torrens...might be a bit of an eyesore today!

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