Tuesday, November 04, 2008

Weird Weather

It's overcast and weird. The weekend was weird because we had a storm but not much rain. Then last night it got cold. It's all over the place and we can see the dryness of the garden but it seems like it might rain so you don't know if you should water or not. Then it get warms, then it gets freezing. There is no real spring pattern and I guess one day it will be hot and just stay that way for a while. I think that is bothering us. After that weekend a couple of weeks back where we had a stinking hot Saturday with a north wind and plenty of dust, we have realised we are back to that again and we are trying to find the courage to face another long, hot, dry summer. It is getting us down whereas we would normally be looking forward to summer. We would normally feel confident and able to deal with it. It's why we live in Australia. this year though we are really down about it and the couldn't be bothered attitude hasn't gone. We are not difficult and we are pretty friendly. There is just this undercurrent . We want Australia back where we can just laugh and play in the sun, no worries. I was talking to an African guy today and he was saying there is no such thing as climate change in Africa. It's the same weather they have always had and they don't even talk about climate change. Weird.

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