Tuesday, November 04, 2008

Viewed wins Melbourne Cup

"The man himself says he is a simply a horse trainer."
That was some race...but we'd all been having a lovely lunch and were a bit slow in the afternoon at work...and yes, we stopped to watch the race. The camera work was excellent and the horses in such superb condition. It is great to see such well cared for animals. That finish was a heart stopper but I am glad Bart Cummings won because he is in his 80s and he has brought this country so much joy. He just loves horses and does the right thing by his horses. He is an extraordinary man because, for someone who is so touched by success, he is remarkably unassuming. C'est la guerre came third but the race to the finish by Bauer and Viewed was just awesome. I am glad he won. He is such a special man and he has done so much for horse racing and horses.

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