Saturday, November 08, 2008

Plugged in and fully networked.

I think I can safely say I have got myself up to scratch now and am fully plugged in and socially networked. I like my little Blogger Buddy on the Window's sidebar. It can be very handy and is simplicity itself. I have added a Twitter gadget in my sidebar because I was curious to see how Twitter worked and the night Obama Barack got elected it just went right off and the chattering was astounding to watch as it rolled through. I can see how it has its uses but when you see so many comments run through in so many different languages then you really get the idea of how connected we are and how much we talk! I have settled on Windows Live for my blogging because it is really rather nice and I am happy with what it does and how it supports my blogging. So all in all, after a long, tricky run, I am on my blogger feet again and a lot wiser for all my experiments and changes.

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