Friday, November 07, 2008

Palin lays low as requests pile up

"Palin is coming off a whirlwind nine weeks of almost non-stop travel and campaigning since becoming John McCain's running mate in late August."
Yes, she was there for 9 weeks, she was in the limelight and spotlight and now needs to be back home. I'd hate to see her cop all the blame for a failed election on the part of the Republicans. She helped initially and then she became a liability. I heard someone say on the radio that had John McCain spoke as he did in the speech to concede the victory to Barack Obama , maybe things might have been different. Maybe. I think America does need this complete change. I think it'll make them clean out their closets and get everything out in the open. They need to understand it is important they at least have a President now that the world can relate to. I heard that 87% of Americans had not been out of their country, so they maybe don't get the world perspective on this. They need to. We don't want to watch them implode and they will have to have a few open and heated discussions because there is a lot of air to clear and a lot of discussion to be had. They'll love it in the end...they are like us. They are not good at keeping quiet and sober sided. Sarah Palin has had her time in the sun and entertaining prospects of her being a President have been put to rest I should have thought. I don't actually doubt she gave it her best shot. She needs to get on with her job now and be left alone to do it.

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