Wednesday, November 05, 2008

OMG, America, Yes, you did!!

It became self evident across the day just how much people were wanting Barack Obama to win and just how much people cared about what was happening to and in America. We knew today was important. Americans have to understand that the whole world has been concerned about America. So on the way to work I heard about the EU sending its 6 page letter to teh new president of America...but all day at work we were on the Net and we were listening to broadcasts because we were interested and wanted to know.  In the car I heard John McCain give his speech and what a wonderful speech that was. He is  a very sensible Republican who holds good values and he was prepared to concede defeat in such a gracious and dignified way because he knew his country needed to change and needed a big change. His speech said a lot about him and it's unfortunate he was held up and back by Sarah Palin. But I also heard Barack Obama's inaugural speech as the president elect. He was so true to what his country needs right now and what we need. We need politicians we can talk to and relate to and we need politicians who know what our lives are like. Someone whose Grandmother died just before she got to see her grandson achieve the impossible. We have all had moments like that and we talked a lot about how sad it was for him to lose his grandmother now and just before he had won. We can't wait to see the poodle in the White House and we are just going off we are so pleased that Americans had the guts to get out there and put it right for their country. It is fantastic. You won't believe how glued to the information we have been today and how much we have cared.

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