Saturday, November 01, 2008

Obama in Halloween dust-up with press

"They were followed attentively by members of his traveling press corps plus a cameraman and reporter who said they were from Polish station Wydarzenia - too closely for the candidate's comfort."
Obama is really getting the pressure put on him now because the election is on Tuesday. This whole run up to the election has been fascinating and as electric as the French election and our own won. it is going to be tough and Obama Barack is going to need to be tough at the end of what has been a very arduous run for him. They won't let up though because now they have got Arnie out of the bag criticising Obama's physique. That is not manners.I get tired of how people pull apart how people look. Do you know what? It's nice to see a man who looks healthy, well and trim. Obama looks pleasant and relaxed. He has a good image as a man because he is neither the gym junkie nor the meterosexual nor the fashion flop. He dresses in an understated , well groomed way. He looks and sounds modern. On the ball. This last bit of the campaign will be a testing time and we are all rivetted to it. There is a lot riding on this.

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