Monday, November 03, 2008

Melbourne Cup

"It's amazing what it does for Australia.''
Absolutely ! We all get gripped by Cup fever and our foodies really do all sorts of special things around the country. Our chefs and cooks really become inspired. Then there is the fashion, of course. We like to see what people are wearing and might even dress up for our work Cup lunches as well. There is always a lot of excitement and the nation stops when the Cup is run. Sweeps are popular and it is just a fun, relaxing day which many of us believe should be a national holiday because it does embody our spirit. Our Prime Minister, Kevin Rudd, is backing Zippy and Carson Kressley is backing Honolulu, but the Cup favourite at this stage is Mad Rush. Sounds like a bit how we are at the moment, so maybe it is the one to back. I just wish we all had a chance to appreciate the effort so many places go to to capture the spirit of the day.

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