Friday, November 07, 2008

Govt urged to buy embattled ABC Learning

"The not-for-profit sector is very concerned that something as important as children's growth and development and early learning was allowed to be subject to the market."
People need to get it quite clear in their heads how this all occurred because the whole fiasco with the ABC Learning has shown up quite clearly what bad business is all about and it was there from the start. It was rolled out and people railroaded into it. Home child care provision was undermined, smaller operators were undermined. It's just a disaster and was always going to be. Get that part of the picture straight while the government is propping it up to the tune of 22 million and who exactly is paying for that costly blow out? The government cannot prop up every bad financial disaster . We need to be more careful with how our finances, business and lifestyle is developed. We are paying dearly for not thinking clearly and allowing others to push us into things . So this is a good lesson. The suggestion here is about the government taking over completely and then leasing the individual concerns. More like a franchise idea so that individual centres might close but not the whole country's childcare facilities. It is a better idea to let them be individual concerns which have to meet regulations. It is also probably worth considering making it part of our pre school planning so that our children get proper care because we need their parents in the work force. We do need to think it out carefully and the government has given us thinking time and has approached this rationally. We now need to hear what our options are so we all take responsibility for what was a silly way to create child care in our country. If we take responsibility, our fault or not, we'll come up with something more than decent. We are very practical as a nation.

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