Friday, November 07, 2008

Government plans to ban e-waste at landfills

"Under the policy, products such as light globes, computer monitors, TV screens and white goods would be banned from going to landfill and diverted to a system of recovery, reuse and recycling."

I have blogged about this on several occasions and still there is no easy way of disposing of e-waste and some of the disposal methods are costly. Fine us all you like. Bring the big guns out and point them at us but know that the community has failed to provide us with a simple solution to e-waste and we all have it piling up because the market made everything disposable and obsolete in record time. So now we have lots of dead monitors, printers, microwaves, computer boxes...we have updated and changed. We have the nonsense of new printers being cheaper than buying a set of cartridges. So consumerism got us to this point and the technological world foisted this upon us. I am currently collecting our e-waste from 3 family households and it is a great pile. It's insane. They charge a lot just to remove monitors. Some of what I have could be used by someone who knows what these things are for. I am sick of it. I want it to be easily collected and I don't want to have to pay heaps to get it removed...THAT is why it is just being dumped. We haven't dealt with it yet and I have asked and asked. Any other recycling I do easily and we have the bins, the depots and the management systems in place so I can recycle quickly and without cost. We really need e-waste depots which are easy to access.

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