Sunday, November 02, 2008

Generation Y-worry still unfazed by credit woes

"They are not married, they don't have a mortgage, they don't have children, they're not too worried about their careers & So if they lose their job, that's fine. They'll just hunker down at home, watch the plasma telly and won't worry about the future."
If they are still spending and running up credit ,then eventually they will have to change. They are an ever optimistic age group who not only have had a lot, they have had to change a lot. Some of them have been driven to be high achievers with every waking moment supervised, every thought scrutinised and every idea challenged. Others have been in freefall like the market with no boundaries and no solid foundation. They have done as they have pleased and they have no idea what authority and limits mean. So it is an interesting mix of people and the article looks at quite a number of the issues with Gen Y. Some of them will survive extremely well because they are not fussed by outside influences and they can manipulate all sorts of circumstances and people quite well. Others will hit the wall. They are good at networking and very good at creating productive groups so it will be interesting to see how they manage. Those who have the wisdom of their families behind them will be all right. Those who survive boundary free living will be very inventive. They will change and maybe even bring some innovation to our consumer approach to life.

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