Monday, November 03, 2008

End Game

 (photo by Melinda Kolk)
So here we all are, ready for the Cup tomorrow and then Wednesday will be the US elections and the whole world will be watching. There is a lot riding on this and we have been following this right from the start. We are so much more clued up than we used to be and we are taking a lively and considerable interest in overseas politics. About time. But we've had fun. It was great following the French election and then pretty sad France couldn't put a woman in their top position. So then we thought, maybe America would and they went along with Hillary for some of the way and she was suddenly just out. Sarah Palin came in for a bit but has been losing ground faster than she gained it. So it's pretty disappointing to see than women just cannot get to the finish line and then stay in power and be regarded as worthy of top positions. Women will fix that in time. Meanwhile our eyes are on John McCain and Barack Obama. Who is going to get into the White House? It is going to make quite an impact internationally whoever gets in there. That's why we are watching.  The Australian
has a Live Poll ready to go and I am really pleased about that because Australia has often made it hard to get overseas information. This is a great step forward to have us looking out onto the world. I just wish that America would respect its voters more and allow them to vote more comfortably. They really have to do the hard yards to put in their votes in those queues. It's too long for people to be standing around. So, I wish them well and I look forward to seeing how it goes.

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