Friday, November 07, 2008

Banning political donations 'may be invalid

"Nobody makes them take that money. We don't need the law to change to clean up the problem in New South Wales."
The issue has come up in New South Wales and the Greens are lobbying for political donations to be stopped. It could just apply to NSW but it would make sense, as is suggested in this article that we apply it nation wide. Internationally even. Political campaigns and lobbying have as much become a victim of consumerism as anything else in our money talks world. In that sense large sums are expected to be squandered to put on some kind of political show. I think we all need to think about what this means. The money which goes into political campaigns would be far better used in research, infrastructure support, feeding the hungry....any number of worthwhile things. I don't believe that we as voters need all this money to be spent. So we need to have a hard look at things. Why do politicians think they have to dispense with large sums to keep popular and to get voted in? Why are we so stupid as to vote for the biggest spender? Give us an itemised list of what politicians need to spend to get heard...and then let us be embarrassed, all of us, and make a decision to put that money to better use.

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