Saturday, November 01, 2008

AdelaideNow... Forget flowers

"Geoff Prettejohn, of Living Colour Nurseries, said the business used to once "sell 70 to 80 per cent flowers. Now we'd be moving around 70 per cent vegies and herbs"."
I noticed in Adelaide last week that a lot of the front gardens did have vegetables and not the usual cottage flowers. I mean in the city in the older houses. Balconies still had the usual pot plants. The suburbs are a different story though and I think people are growing vegies in pots because the water situation is so depressing. Shop vegies have been of concern because we are not always sure where they are coming from and what they are covered with. They are not quality. So growing our own has been good and you just cannot beat the taste of fresh herbs, so even a modest outlay will get fresh tastes into your meals.

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