Monday, October 20, 2008

Youths Attack Media

"They assaulted seven students and two teachers before smashing windows and doors, causing more than $15,000 in damage as the school went into lockdown."
This is what the ones being tried did. The ones who were outside the court supporting their friends appear to have injured a cameraman and a photographer.  So 5 were tried inside the court and 6 were arrested outside the court and they wonder why we cannot get teachers in Australia. It is just too violent to have peole like that in schools and on the street. Police are asking for witnesses to today's incident to contact Crimestoppers. They are all too aggressive and it makes it very hard to want to help them. There must be a reason why they are so angry. Assaulting people is very anti social and to do that originally in a school makes it a pretty tough environment for lessons to take place in. These students have to be changed so I guess they just have to win the prizes for their behaviour.

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