Friday, October 10, 2008

You , too, can be a comic book hero

There's news today that the two American presidential candidates have their own comic books. A first. It's different and goes to show that this presidential campaign has brought back some life , vigour and fun back to a nation swamped in negatives. Just the thought of having choices. The thought that things can be changed and the thought that they now have something to consider and ponder:
"It really is a kick to do something that is something so out of the norm for comic books," said Scott Dunbier, special projects editor with IDW.
Some  might consider it undignified to be have biographies done like this, but I think it shows something that is American. Yes, they can take things very seriously, but they do have a sense of fun and a capacity to take advantage of change in a good way. I hope this is a sign they are rising out of the their bogged down conditions. We felt so much better when we started to live, breathe and laugh again.

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