Tuesday, October 21, 2008

Year 12 Muck Up Day

"In the case of the actual incident on the street, it was pretty bad, we have probably been worse, but it was pretty reckless smashing bottles and pulling out a couple of letter boxes."

Schools here seem to have calmed down and the students appear to be more responsive to the way they have made their schools and neighbourhoods feel. Wrecking stuff and vandalising is ridiculous. It is not a celebration. So I guess we are seeing the influences which work on students and they are generally games , film and music driven. They are not in a co operative, balanced and community spirited frame of mind. The school appears to have shut things down so that the students have no rewards for their anti social behaviour. The students seem to be in combat , destructo mode and that is very odd. They probably don't realise they can trade on the name of a good school. What they appear to have said seems like they are just basically very vandalistic at heart and I am sure they have neither been brought up nor educated to be like that so it is the other influences which shape this combat behaviour. The good thing is they are prepared to blame and yet that blame will not change them. They are who they are and they choose to scare the wits out of their neighbourhood. The neighbours seem to have been quite frightened. Nothing like this should be overlooked. It is time to put some real learning into these students so that they might actually understand their choices are what drives these behaviours.

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