Thursday, October 30, 2008

Windows Live Writer

It has taken me all evening to set up Live Writer. All evening? Not quite, but a very long time. I had to load the live writer extension into Firefox and then join Windows Live services. Do I need Hotmail? No. Do I need chat? No. Do I need another photo gathering spot? No. There are lots of the services I do not need. I am using the Live email and I really like the interface. It imported my stuff from Windows Mail and I am really happy with that and how it works. Then I have had to set my blogs up into Live Writer. That all takes time. I used to use Blog It and loved that because it was so simple. It doesn't work with Firefox 3. Then I had all sorts of issues with inline spell checkers. Not any more!! I can blog just as I did on Blog it...only it's far fancier. I tried ScribeFire and that was pretty good, but the spelling was erratic and the photo posting I didn't ever master. I added Zemanta and that has some very useful features and can be really helpful when you want to read around a topic or find pictures. So this is Live Writer and even though I have taken such a long time to get it going I am breathing a sigh of relief because my spelling is no longer up the creek, the interface is very nice indeed and it is a piece of cake swapping between blogs. It also has some nice features which I look forward to exploring. What I do want is justification. I like nice straight edges on my posts!!

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