Monday, October 20, 2008

Undead organ donors

"MOST organ donors in Australia are not truly dead when their organs are taken and often transplant procedures do not conform with the law, a leading Melbourne doctor has argued."

Okay , it's out there now. Our worst thought...that we are not dead before they harvest bits of us. They wonder why we are loathe to be donors even though we can see the benefits. We accept the benefits. We do not need to be persuaded about what a good idea it is. It's the methods. The procedure. The protocol. The article brings up all the issues and it is good to have it out there even though we might be plugging up our ears and going la is not for me. We'll get over it and we'll get through to doctors. We understand they are working under tricky conditions with a tight time schedule.  I have blogged before that I have told my family it is up to them because they will be the ones who have to deal with the reality of it. The dying have not been treated with respect at times. There is a difficulty with dealing with the fact the one you love is going to have bits of them taken away. So we need an intermediary agency like the Red Cross or some such organisation which acts as the bridge between the medical profession and the families. We need people , perhaps, who make organ donation their business and then find the ways and means of dealing with this properly. We do not want the medical hoo-ha. We want to know our needs and wishes are being met and that we are not being hurried off the planet in an ignoble way. We have a right to die in peace and in our own time, but if we wish to be an organ donor then we need a way this can be safely negotiated with our family in a sensitive and professional manner. It would be better through a group that we trust or come to trust. As it stands our worst thoughts are out there now and we'll act or react. Would be better to respond.

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