Monday, October 13, 2008

Top 20 Universities

ANU school of art, originally built as Canberr...Image via Wikipedia
Australian National University has placed 16th again in the list of top world universities. I am really pleased to hear this because ANU has consistently driven very high standards of leadership in the academic sphere and has consistently gained good results and as such, does us really proud as a university. It works hard to keep up this international success. Adelaide Uni used to be right up there too, but lost a lot of ground and this year has seen a break through and reward in its world rankings because of its re establishment of excellence as one of its priorities. It has made a considerable improvement in its international rankings. No one ever understands Flinders, but it  is a good university and Uni SA seems to have dropped quite a lot in its international position. It is however, scattered across several campuses and that it itself is a challenge.

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