Friday, October 17, 2008

Teenager tries to rape older woman twice

You have to wonder at this. Truly. If the facts are as they reported it is unbelievable the boy could go back to the woman’s house and try to rape her again. Was he known to her? Not that that would make it better. He just seems fixated on doing her harm. He really was out to get her and he really was incapable of  stopping himself from being so violent. Is there something wrong with him? He is  16 and she is 51 and she is not able to live safely in her home. It seems random, it seems thoughtless it seems very anti social and it seems to be the sort of thing we have to tolerate. We now have to factor that into our living. It is becoming more and more erratic and people are not safe because we see to have more people behaving in a violent way towards others. No respect. No consideration. Putting him in gaol for 2 years will make him harder. He isn’t safe though. No way. I don’t actually want to increase the number of hardened people we have but we seem to have so many aggressive people now. Comes back to our building blocks of society and what we tolerate and how we bring people up.

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