Thursday, October 16, 2008

Rise in deaths of children at risk

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The article is sobering and given we are supposed to be a good place to live it looks rather grim. The number of deaths in children known to the care agencies has grown the the two main factors are domestic violence and parental substance abuse. Considering our police commissioner was saying we cannot afford to be apathetic about he amount of drugs we are discovering coming into our country then what he said is true. He was saying we can't just keep quoting statistics and then not actually be getting to the root causes of why we need all this stuff. Put that with these child mortality figures and the picture is clearer. Drugs are doing us harm. The police and customs have been doing a great job chasing it all down. But then there is the stuff they don't get and the fact we are bringing it in in vast ...vast...quantities. What is the matter with us. money won't fix that. We need to change our culture and our society. We need to drug proof ourselves and we need to work out why this destructive stuff is so popular. We have made inroads but not enough. We need to be constantly on our toes and even more active. We need to look at how families are in distress and why.We are paying a high price because peole have to work every day with these conditons and these facts. It must be very upsetting to have a job where you are just watching children die.
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