Wednesday, October 15, 2008

Riding under the influence

The sooner they get more women into Mount Isa , the better. I blogged about how the Mayor was encouraging beauty challenged women to come to Mount Isa because they would be made welcome. It had caused a stir internationally and a lot of interest. Well, our Mount Isa friend Malcolm looks like he needs someone to  keep him on the straight and narrow. He has just discovered something most of us wouldn’t now. Riding a horse drunk attracts a stiffer penalty and is legally viewed more seriously than driving your car drunk. Heaven knows why, because a drunk driver is lethal. A drunken horse rider is more likely to slide off the horse. But I imagine it has something to do with our interest in looking after animals. It would be interesting to know how the law came about and why it is harsher than the drink driving law. In the meantime, Malcolm needs to spend his evenings differently perhaps because he was just visiting his sister!

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