Tuesday, October 21, 2008

Puppy Mistreated

"The callousness of the alleged actions had shocked police, he said."

I would be as horrified and sickened as anyone else because I love dogs. Love them. All my disgust, though, is not going to fix this problem we seem to have with people really damaging and hurting each other and animals. It is disturbing behaviour and we, as a society, have created it. Maybe these people want to sicken us. That is what they want. Our disgust and horror. So why do we create people like this? We have to front up and try and work this out because I do not want to read another story like this. There is talk that this kind of behaviour comes from psychopaths. Again, this will not stop it. The labelling might help us to process it but we will not change it unless we understand what is going on and it will take better experts than I and it is so wrong for the police to have to be confronted with this kind of behaviour on a regular basis. In the end they will saturate and walk off from the job. How will that help? If you look at Maslow's Hierarchy of needs and the other information on this site, you can see quite easily we are failing at the attachment and connectedness stage. These people have no capacity to connect, relate and affiliate. It's the bonding and  developing of attachment which is dreadfully missing. So now we really need to get some experts onto this to stop us from doing whatever we are doing to create people who have no capacity to nurture and care.

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