Sunday, October 26, 2008

Poor Preparation and Planning

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"[There is] underfunding, under investment by Government to cope with any increasing need," she said. 
This article about the baby boom pushing hospital faciltities to the limit is yet another indication we just do not have the planning required to allow our services to operate well and safely. Some people might be saying now, what services?  Australia's population has grown quite quickly recently but no real planning has been put into the infrastructure and services needed to accommodate all these new people. Our public transport is not adequate. We need services down south of Adelaide and there is talk about how hard it is to build a bridge over a river. People have been building bridges over rivers for centuries. Then bus services have been cut so you might have to wait an hour to get another bus and our Expressway runs one way and then changes direction. We do not have sufficient water to cope with the new arrivals whether they are born here or come from overseas and we do not have enough proper hospital beds and adequate facilities. We are running out of doctors in critical areas and some people just do not have water and are in the position they cannot wash very much. At some stage state and federal governments have to work the planning out and prepare the way to accommodate all these extra people. Some have nowhere to live. The housing shortage is yet another problem. Every city in Australia has big problems and then the country areas are suffering so badly some of them.So we can carry on like this and continue to break down or we can get a plan in place.
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