Thursday, October 16, 2008

Out to Lunch?

A lunch sits on a blue tablecloth with a brown paper bag and red napkin. There are carrots, a pear, a sandwich on wheat bread with lettuce (chicken salad) and a carton of milk.Image via WikipediaImage via WikipediaI don't think so! It is a long time since we have been entitled to a one hour lunch break in Austraia and so I think the article is right...the lunch break is dead. One of the reasons is mentioned in the article...people can work through their lunch break so they can go home early, but how many jobs does that apply to? Then we have had the ever increasing casual and short term positions and peopl'es entitlements under those conditions have been curtailed. Then there have been the staffing cutbacks which mean you are working all the time...the email build ups, the phone ringing, the endless accountability forms and then the increased work loads which mean you work through your lunch just to stay ahead. I am actually curious to know what real working conditions are these days because regular work  ours are not it. Regular and sensible breaks are not it. laughing with friends, going out for a walk or a lunch time shop are not it. In town, peole go and get something to eat and then vanish. They are not resting or taking time out. In a French environment it's actually nice to see people reading, sicussing, talking and just taking time out over a decent meal but I think even that is being eroded in France. Profit, not people. To do lists, not lunch times.I'd say we are doing fraught very well.

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