Friday, October 17, 2008

Mick Keelty on Drugs

"It can't be just as simple as saying no to drugs. It has to be more important work in drug education to ensure that future generations are not creating the sort of demand that we have in our country at the moment."

I am glad to see an article on this because the radio report was very good. The past government is gone and the article is a bit confused as to whether it's good Mick Keelty can say these things now or bad. Mick Keelty has worked tirelessly on our drug issues as a police commissioner and he talks a lot of sense. He is in the position to know a lot about supply and demand and how it has changed and he is in the position to hear form police officers about what is really going on out there. The have had some really tough stuff to deal with and their jobs have been dangerous and difficult. Given that Mick Keelty speaks clearly about how he sees it, then we are in a better position to grasp the reality. We are in a better position to do what the article promotes and that is, to stem the causes. To identify the causes and work on that. it gets it out in the open with something decent to discuss and people who are in possession of useful information can contribute to it. We all have to fix this. The quantities coming in are horrific and the damage goes right across our society. We all have to fix it.

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