Thursday, October 23, 2008

Market Mayhem

Just about sums us up , doesn't it? Then there will be an emergency meeting after the US elections So much for emergency. Even that doesn't mean what it used to.. So we are built on a house of cards, poor counsel, lack of boundaries and we have fallen into dysfunction..financially, socially and on the weather front as well. The planet can't keep its act together because we were not operating on reasonable limits. We just kept pushing the envelope...pop...whoosh...weeeeeeee...aaaaah! Some people have worked hard at keeping good values going but they have been pushing against a massive current of deregulation and now in 2008 we are reaping the benefits and facing the consequences. We could think our way out of it now. We could take action but again we are waiting, waiting. It's this waiting and failure to act which has created the confusion and lack of clarity. Maybe people were too conservative and maybe traditions and structures were old hat...Better than this.

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