Monday, October 27, 2008

Manuel Uribe gets married

He may have had to haveen be carried by a crane on his bed, but at 43 the fattest man in the world 2007 has  married and seems to be finally on the road to happiness. The wedding breakfast was low in calories, his new wife, Claudia Solis, will probably keep him on the right path and the loss of  230 kilos tends to suggest he has finally made the decision to live. It has been televised and I should like to think that the country will stay behind him and get him the help he so desperately needs so that he can get off that darn bed and just walk around and be a normal, happy person. In a way it's good it's going along slowly because he will have some massive psychological adjustments to come back to a life where he can just walk around and be free. The freedom to go shopping, for walks in the park, a day at the beach...trip to the cinema. I can't wait to see that part of his future televised. maybe The Biggest Loser can pick him up and mentor him.
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