Tuesday, October 07, 2008


The symbols used in Western astrology to repre...Image via WikipediaMy stars today are beautifully written. Funny, but very clever. I don't read my horoscope because I believe what is said. I read it because it sometimes makes me think, and the person behind this has really made me think. As a Piscean I do need to be constantly reminded to have faith in myself and confidence. I also need to be reminded that others act in good faith and I just have to accept what is and deal with the here and now. You cannot live life retrospectively. You can, however, go back over old ground and learn the lessons and wisdom so that you can move forward.My stars today are also a reminder that the world is very changeable and that I shouldn't worry too much. I should learn to rely on my own judgement and do my own research about matters which concern me.

"You know all those bankers who are happily doing all those deals on the basis of insufficient security? Who told them it was OK? And then who told them it was not OK? And if, as is beginning to seem likely, the same people who created the problem, thinking that it was not a problem, were the one's who decided that it was a problem, couldn't they all just change their minds again? Then, there would be no need for a bail-out! Confidence is everything. Place yours firmly in yourself today. "

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